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Veteran portraitThe Voices of Iowa Oral History Project is an innovative approach to the collection, display, and preservation of our history. The compilation of personal stories in a digital format provides material that is relevant to a modern generation of users. In addition to the historical chronology, the process captures the personal emotion and interpretation of an event, giving it meaning beyond the printed word or image. We have been collecting oral histories from Iowa veterans since 2003 for use in exhibits, educational programming, and promotional activities. Currently, we have over 1600 interviews from 70 counties that are available to the public in our library. It is one of the largest veteran collections of interviews conducted by a single institution in the nation.

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William Ziegler

Navigator in the US Coast Guard

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U.S. Coast Guard

Brandon Zitterich

Learning the paperwork and manuals in the Air Force.

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U.S. Air Force
Fuel Tank Maintenance Awacs

Gordon E Zurbriggen

Being close to the beach.

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U.S. Navy
1942 to 1949
First Class Petty Officer [E-6] Yeoman (YN)