Civil War and Campaigns Prior to World War I

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First Middle Last Conflict(s) Rank City County
Edward W Lizer Private
George Lendrum Private
Gustave Legrand Private
Clarence E Lane Private
Hubert Kueneman Private
Edward Klostermann Private
Wesley S Kline Private
Edwyne R Kissick Private
Harry W Kerlin Private
Jesse Kennedy Private
John T Kempkes
Guy Kellogg First Lieutenant [O-2]
Milan H Keeler Private Marshalltown
Frank B Jones Private
Albert J Jones Private
Alba A Isabell Private
Roy A Humphrey Private
Albert M Huff Private
Olin G Hoover Corporal
William W Holden Private
Charles Helmick Private
Joseph Hayes
Alonzo L Hartman Private
George O Hanson Private
Claus Hanson Private
Henry C Hansen Private
James H Hamilton Private Sioux City
Oscar H Grube Private
Charles F Grout Second Lieutenant [O-1] Emmetsburg
George E Graham Private
Allan E Gordon Private
John A Ganser Private
John A Gallaway Private Centerville
James T Furness Corporal
John W French Private
Emil C Frahm Private
Bert H Forney Private
Ben W Follrich Private
Ole H Evenson Private
Hans E Endestad Private
George Elliott Private
Bert Eldred Private
Burton R Dutton Corporal Jewell
Louis Dunn Private
Charles R Duncan Corporal
Will E Dorman Private
Elisha L Doran Private
William G Demo Private
Michael Deegan Private
Clarence Dearnim Private
John W Cronin Private
Fred N Cronan Private Algona
Arthur D Crist Private
Joseph Crevier Private
F N Crawford Private Washington
Gird M Crapser Private
Philip A Crapo Private
Roy G Converse Private
Robert R Conger Private
Maehen H Collinson Private
Ned L Clock Private
Rodney K Clark Private
John E Champlin Private
Fred B Carver Private
Matthew F Carroll Private
Bert Bunger Private
Seymour W Buck Private
Charles F Brown Sergeant
Barton J Brown Private
Austin Brown Private
John J Brophy Private
Louis E Brick Private
Wallace A Bolin Sergeant
George S Blood Private
Charles Blandford Private
William P Blakesley Private
William T Black Sergeant
Walter A Black Private Charlton
Perry A Black Private
Cora Bennett Private Bonaparte
Henry Becker Private
Alfred C Bebb Private
Ezra G Beard Sergeant Newton
Curtis G Bates Private
Joseph M Basten Private
Guy M Barkhuff Private
William Bandfield Private
Albert L Bales Private
Loyal Atherton
Patrick Ahern Corporal
Robert Adams Private
Harry S Abrams Private
Joseph Borduwine Private Des Moines
John Good Civil War Garrison
Alexander F. Nicol Civil War
Michael Lanning Civil War Sergeant
Jacob Hoffman Civil War
James Shoopman Civil War
Solomon Zook Civil War Jackson
Jens Zolck Civil War