Civil War and Campaigns Prior to World War I

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First Middle Last Conflict(s) Rank City County
George Gates Indian War Campaigns
James Jackson Indian War Campaigns Captain [O-3]
Milton Russell Civil War Captain [O-3]
Lewis A Grant Civil War Colonel [O-6]
Andrew E Goldsbery Civil War Corporal
Charles L Russell Civil War Corporal
William Reddick Civil War Corporal
Orson W Bennett Civil War First Lieutenant [O-2]
Mary Walker Civil War
Charles A Clark Boxer Rebellion First Lieutenant [O-2]
Louis B Lawton Boxer Rebellion
Francis J Herron Civil War Lieutenant Colonel [O-5]
William R Grove Phillippine Insurgency Lieutenant Colonel [O-5]
George R Burnett Indian War Campaigns First Lieutenant [O-2]
Julius C Townsend Mexican Campaign Lieutenant [O-3]
Albert Sale Indian War Campaigns Private
Clamor Heise Indian War Campaigns Private
Elisha S Hornaday Indian War Campaigns Private
James D Gardiner Civil War Private
James Kephart Civil War Private
John Keenan Indian War Campaigns Private
John P Yount Indian War Campaigns Private
John Vale Civil War Private
John W Whitmore Civil War Private
William Campbell Civil War Private
Charles Ray Phillippine Insurgency Sergeant
Edward B Spalding Civil War Sergeant
James Drury Civil War Sergeant
James N Strong Civil War Sergeant
John Huntsman Phillippine Insurgency Sergeant
John P Donaldson Civil War Sergeant
Joseph Stickels Civil War Sergeant
Lewis Phife Indian War Campaigns Sergeant
Luman L Cadwell Civil War Sergeant
George W McWilliams Civil War
Andrew J Sloan Civil War Private
Andrew W Tibbets Civil War Private
Calvary M Young Civil War Sergeant
Calvin Pearl Titus Boxer Rebellion
Charles A Swan Civil War Private
Eben Stanley Civil War Private
Edgar A Bras Civil War Sergeant
Edward J Bebb Civil War Private
Frank Friday Fletcher Mexican Campaign Rear Admiral [O-8]
Frank Jack Fletcher Mexican Campaign Lieutenant [O-3]
George W Healey Civil War Private
George W Welch Civil War Private
Henry I Smith Civil War Lieutenant [O-3]
Horatio L Birdsall Civil War Sergeant
James Dunlavy Civil War Private
James M Elson Civil War Sergeant
James Hill Civil War Lieutenant [O-3]
James P Miller Civil War Private
James A Williamson Civil War Colonel [O-6]
John H Hays Civil War Private
John W Knox Civil War Sergeant
John F Baker Civil War Sergeant
Joseph Fitz Phillippine Insurgency Ordinary Seaman
Leonidas M Godley Civil War Sergeant
Paul F Straub Phillippine Insurgency
Luther Kaltenbach Civil War Corporal
Nicholas Boquet Civil War Private
Nicholas Fanning Civil War Private
Norman F Bates Civil War Sergeant
Osborn W. Deignan Coxswain
Peter T Anderson Civil War Private Newell
Pitt B Herington Civil War Private
Richard H Cosgriff Civil War Private
Richard H Morgan Civil War Corporal
Voltaire P Young Civil War Corporal