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Last Name First Name Middle Rank Specialty/Rate Service Branch Conflict City Video
Durby Steven S Corporal Military Police, Artillery, Armorer U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War Cambridge
Earles Dan R Specialist 4 [E-4] Personnel Specialist U.S. Army Vietnam War -
Earnest Kenneth (Ernie) R. Sergeant [E-5] Radio Operator U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War Waterloo
Earnest Kenneth R [E-5] Radio Communications Specialist U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War Waterloo
Edwards Terry Joe - Electronics/computer Fire Control For Missiles U.S. Navy Vietnam War Traer
Eggena James R Master Sergeant [E-8] Chief Helicopter Maintenance Mechanic U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War Greene
Elijah William E First Class Petty Officer [E-6] Mechanic U.S. Navy Vietnam War Clarence
Erpelding Kenneth M. Specialist 5 [E-5] Personnel Specialist, 71H20 U.S. Army Vietnam War Waterloo
Essmann Charles Edward Lieutenant [O-3] Signal Officer And Advisor U.S. Navy Vietnam War Waterloo
Faber James N [E-5] Light Weapons Infantryman (11B40) U.S. Army Vietnam War Exeter
Falconer Robert A Specialist 4 [E-4] - U.S. Army Vietnam War Ryan
Farnsworth James E. Sergeant [E-5] Generator Instructor/ Promotion & Assignments For 1St Air Calvary Division In Vietnam U.S. Army Vietnam War Cedar Falls
Fath James R Second Class Petty Officer [E-5] Ships Serviceman- Clerk (Shs) U.S. Navy - Ankeny
Finders Lynn J Specialist 4 [E-4] C-20 U.S. Army Vietnam War Ferguson
Fischels John I Third Class Petty Officer [E-4] Hull Technician U.S. Navy - Gilbertville
Fitzgerald Dennis P [E-5] Legal Clerk U.S. Army Vietnam War Pocahontas
Fogarty George - - - U.S. Army Vietnam War -
Foote Paul E. Master Sergeant [E-8] 20490 Intell Superintendent U.S. Air Force Vietnam War Waterloo
Fosdick Jim (Fearless) C. Lieutenant Colonel [O-5] Pilot U.S. Air Force Korean War -
Foss Lee D. Captain [O-3] 3002 Supply Logistic Operations, Embarcation U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War La Porte City