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James Hamilton Hise

James Hamilton Hise
U.S. Navy
Lieutenant (Junior Grade) [O-2]
James Hamilton Hise, from Des Moines, U.S. Naval Reserve, served aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS <i>Hancock</i>. On March 25, 1967, he was the pilot of a Vought Crusader Fighter (F-8E) on a non-combat flight off the coast of North Vietnam. During landing the arresting cable snapped and he ejected from the aircraft before it plunged into the sea. The parachute did not deploy and Hise landed overboard. Rescue divers immediately attempted to save him, but his water logged parachute pulled him to the bottom of the sea and his remains were never recovered.
City of EntryDes Moines
Conflict/Time PeriodVietnam War
Service Location
Separation StatusKilled In Action (KIA)
Specific Jobs