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Michael Thomas Fitzgerald

Michael Thomas Fitzgerald
U.S. Navy
Michael Thomas Fitzgerald was born and raised in Dubuque. He graduated in 1963 from Wahlert High School. Fitzgerald enlisted in the Navy in August 1965 and served as a Hospital Corpsman or Hospitalman (HN) with the Marine Corps. HN Fitzgerald was sent to Vietnam in August 1967 and was assigned to the 1st Marine Division. On January 31, 1968 the enemy coordinated a massive attack throughout South Vietnam, the assault became known as the Tet Offensive. HN Fitzgerald was killed during the initial moments of the offensive outside of Hue City. Ten other servicemen were killed on the Perfume River Bridge with Fitzgerald. The 22-year-old was buried with military honors at the Mt. Calvary Cemetery in Dubuque.
City of EntryDubuque
Conflict/Time PeriodVietnam War
Service Location
Separation StatusKilled In Action (KIA)
Specialty/RateHospital Corpsman
Specific Jobs