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Walter Lee Nutt III

Walter Lee Nutt III
U.S. Army
Private First Class (PFC) [E-3]
Walter Lee Nutt III, nicknamed Wally or Tiny, grew up in Des Moines. He graduated East High School and attened Grand View College, Ellsworth College, and the Northwest Missouri Teachers College. Nutt was a big guy with a deep loud voice. He was drafted by the Army and trained as a field medic. PFC Nutt started a twelve month tour in March 1969. During a reconnaissance mission near Fire Support Base Danger in the Kien Phuong Province, his unit was ambushed by the enemy. While under heavy fire PFC Nutt continued to administer medical treatment to the wounded until he was fatally wounded himself. He died on April 28, 1969. The 22-year-old left behind a wife and young daughter. His body was returned to Iowa and buried at the Glendale Cemetery in Des Moines.
City of EntryDes Moines
Conflict/Time PeriodVietnam War
Service Location
Separation StatusKilled In Action (KIA)
Specific Jobs