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Last Name First Name Middle Rank Specialty/Rate Service Branch Conflict City Video
Stockdale Mark L Sergeant First Class [E-7] Finance/computer U.S. Army Peacetime Decorah
Stofer Richard L Corporal Clerk Typist - 0141 U.S. Army Peacetime Oelwein
Storm Gene A [E-5] - U.S. Air Force Peacetime Geneva
Strovers Frank R Private Infantry U.S. Army Peacetime Kellogg
Sturch Ronald E Private - U.S. Army Peacetime Waterloo
Sullivan James (Sully) T. Second Class Petty Officer [E-5] Electrician's Mate U.S. Navy Peacetime Waterloo
Sweet Homer C Lieutenant (Junior Grade) [O-2] - U.S. Air Force Peacetime Cedar Falls
Tegeler Jean H Airman Second Class [E-3] Jet Engine Mechanic U.S. Air Force Peacetime Dyersville
Thiele Gary C Specialist 4 [E-4] Finance Officer U.S. Army Peacetime La Porte City
Thompson Allan W Major [O-4] - U.S. Army Peacetime Cedar Rapids
Thompson Thomas A [E-4] Heavy Equipment Operator And Military Police U.S. Marine Corps Peacetime Aurora
Tiedt Paul F Private First Class (PFC) [E-3] Mp - Rr Security U.S. Army Peacetime Readlyn
Timmer Gilbert - - - U.S. Army Peacetime -
Todd Anthony (Tony) - - Special Weapons U.S. Marine Corps Peacetime Oelwein
Trout Donald E. - - U.S. Navy Peacetime -
Tucker Jeffrey D Private - U.S. Army Peacetime -
Turner Russell - - Communications U.S. Air Force Peacetime Oelwein
Van Heuvelen Clarence B Specialist 4 [E-4] Artillery U.S. Army Peacetime -
Van Skyhawk Daniel W - Recruiter National Guard Peacetime Westgate
Vauthier Jerome W Staff Sergeant [E-6] - U.S. Army Peacetime Evansdale