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The Iowa Army National Guard is a state agency of the State of Iowa, with significant funding from the Federal Government of the United States; and a reserve component of the United States Army. It has dual Federal and State missions.

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Last Name First Name Middle Rank Specialty/Rate Service Branch Conflict City Video
Barnard Tim - - - National Guard - -
Bartel Eric C Captain [O-3] Communications Officer U.S. Army, National Guard Current Conflicts Toledo
Beery Justin E [E-4] Electronic Warfare; 35N Signals Intelligence National Guard Current Conflicts Cedar Falls
Behrens Marvin Edward Dale - - National Guard - Waverly
Bellnap Mark S. Major [O-4] - U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, National Guard Peacetime
Vietnam War
Persian Gulf War
Bendixen Romanio (Ben) L Brigadier General [O-7] Flight Surgeon & Rated Pilot National Guard Vietnam War Coralville
Birmingham Kayla L Sergeant [E-5] Intelligence Analyst / 35F National Guard Global War on Terror Waterloo
Blank Terry James Sergeant Major [E-9] National Guard Instructor National Guard Peacetime Waterloo
Blodgett Alisa (Renee) - Sergeant Major [E-9] Personnel Readiness National Guard Current Conflicts Polk City
Born Johannes - - - National Guard - -
Briggs Robert W. Sergeant - National Guard Current Conflicts Hillsboro
Brinkman James E Sergeant - National Guard - Oelwein
Budweg Mara R Sergeant [E-5] 42R/ Now 42A National Guard - Ames
Budweg Nolan A Specialist 4 [E-4] 42R- Musician National Guard Current Conflicts Eldora
Byers Casey - Specialist (SPC) - National Guard Current Conflicts Schleswig
Callanan Tharen E Staff Sergeant [E-6] Infantryman, Indirect Fire Infrantry National Guard Current Conflicts Rake
Campagna Roger L Sergeant Company: D: 133Rd Infantry (Rifle) National Guard World War II Waterloo
Carney Scott M Sergeant [E-5] - National Guard Current Conflicts Ankeny
Chapman Charles L - Fuel Specialist National Guard Current Conflicts Oelwein
Clifford Wayne R [E-6] Machinist's Mate National Guard Vietnam War Waterloo