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Last Name First Name Middle Rank Specialty/Rate Service Branch Conflict City Video
Ackerson Leland C [E-4] Truck Driver 64A10 U.S. Army Vietnam War Janesville
Anderson Michael D [E-4] Military Police U.S. Army - Independence
Aschbrenner Larry L [E-4] Military Police U.S. Army Vietnam War Waterloo
Beery Justin E [E-4] Electronic Warfare; 35N Signals Intelligence National Guard Current Conflicts Cedar Falls
Behrens Bruce Gary [E-4] Drove M88 Tank U.S. Army - Oelwein
Bell Nancy L [E-4] Medical Specialist U.S. Army - Fort Dodge
Bell William (Billy) Leroy [E-4] Pole Lineman And Personnel Clerk U.S. Army Peacetime Cedar Falls
Bellmer Douglas I [E-4] Morter Crew U.S. Army Vietnam War Cedar Falls
Benson David (Bennie Bad Ass) E. [E-4] 13-A-10 And 5Th Special Forces U.S. Army Vietnam War Waterloo
Berends Jerald D [E-4] Heavy Engineer Mechanic U.S. Army Vietnam War Hudson
Bird Ward A [E-4] Infantry (0311) U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War Waterloo
Block Kent L [E-4] Acft Maint Spec 1 U.S. Air Force - Cedar Falls
Bloker Steven J [E-4] Artillery U.S. Army Vietnam War Shell Rock
Boeding Shane S [E-4] Infantry (11B) U.S. Army Current Conflicts Cedar Rapids
Brennaman Daryl L [E-4] - U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War La Porte City
Buck Jeremy - [E-4] Artillary 1St Cal 13 Bravo Cannon Crew Member 155Mm Howitreer U.S. Army Peacetime Marion
Burrage Albert A [E-4] 05C20 Rad Tt Operator U.S. Army - Des Moines
Cavanah Jim R [E-4] Photographer U.S. Army Vietnam War Denver
Chambers Virginia L [E-4] Administrative Specialist U.S. Air Force Vietnam War Independence
Clark Christopher A [E-4] Infantry (11B), Transportation (88M), Military Police (31B) U.S. Air Force - Cedar Rapids