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Last Name First Name Middle Rank Specialty/Rate Service Branch Conflict City Video
Akin James H. - - U.S. Army Civil War Sumner
Amos Terri D Second Class Petty Officer [E-5] Boatswain's Mate (BM) U.S. Navy Peacetime Sumner
Avery Allen James Private First Class (PFC) [E-3] - U.S. Marine Corps Vietnam War Sumner
Avery Terry L [E-7] Weather Technician U.S. Air Force Current Conflicts Sumner
Bartels Helmuth E Third Class Petty Officer [E-4] Culinary Specialist (CS) U.S. Navy Korean War Sumner
Binning Clair Delmar Third Class Petty Officer [E-4] Motor Machinist's Mate (MOMM) U.S. Navy World War II Sumner
Brandt Earl L Second Class Petty Officer [E-5] Machinist's Mate U.S. Navy Korean War Sumner
Brayton Gretchen H Technical Sergeant (TSGT) [E-6] Clerical U.S. Army - Sumner
Bremner Bruce R Specialist 4 [E-4] Jeep Driver U.S. Army Peacetime Sumner
Buckendahl Greg J Sergeant Military Police And Dective U.S. Army Vietnam War Sumner
Cooper Sandie (Robert) R Third Class Petty Officer [E-4] Electrician U.S. Navy World War II Sumner
Dallenbach George W Private - U.S. Army World War I Sumner
Fowler Daniel Grey [E-4] Printer U.S. Army Vietnam War Sumner
Gersonde Robert R Staff Sergeant [E-6] Animal Packer And Cook U.S. Army World War II Sumner
Gloede Alfred W Sergeant Infantry U.S. Army Korean War Sumner
Haw Richard C Third Class Petty Officer [E-4] Pharmacist's Mate U.S. Navy World War II Sumner
Hoepfner Herbert F. W. Lance Corporal [E-3] - U.S. Marine Corps Peacetime Sumner
Jacobson Verle (Dean) - [E-5] Army Security Agency U.S. Army Peacetime Sumner
Koenig Howard (Skip) H First Class Petty Officer [E-6] Aviation Electronics Technician (AET) U.S. Navy Vietnam War Sumner
Larson Arthur D - Fireman In Engine Room U.S. Navy Korean War Sumner