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Last Name First Name Middle Rank Specialty/Rate Service Branch Conflict City Video
Ackman Donald - - Radio Operator U.S. Marine Corps Korean War Cedar Falls
Allen Erroll J Private Construction U.S. Army Peacetime Traer
Alton George William Command Sergeant Major [E-9] Infantry And Armor Unit U.S. Army - Nashua
Ambroson Wayne - - Communication U.S. Marine Corps Korean War Cedar Falls
Anderson Christian M Sergeant Age Mechanic U.S. Air Force - Waterloo
Anderson James H - Gunner In B-26 U.S. Air Force Korean War Cedar Falls
Aschbrenner Larry L [E-4] Military Police U.S. Army Vietnam War Waterloo
Atkins George L. Staff Sergeant [E-6] Infantry Squad Leader U.S. Army Korean War Evansdale
Baker William K Sergeant Guided Missile Control Repair U.S. Air Force Peacetime Eagle Grove
Batchelder Everett W Sergeant [E-5] Infantry (11B) U.S. Army World War II Central City
Bayliss Richard D Command Sergeant Major [E-9] Food Service, Medical, Infantry, Maintenance, Officer U.S. Army Current Conflicts Ottumwa
Becker Luverne W Corporal Infantry U.S. Army Korean War New Hartford
Becker Vernon J Private First Class (PFC) [E-3] Infantry 5Th Regiment Combat Team U.S. Army Korean War Hopkinton
Bell Clarence R Specialist 4 [E-4] Heavy Equipment Operator U.S. Army Korean War Pleasant Hill
Bergfeld Lloyd L - Infantry U.S. Army Korean War Lamont
Blodgett Alisa (Renee) - Sergeant Major [E-9] Personnel Readiness National Guard Current Conflicts Polk City
Boesen Daniel R Private First Class (PFC) [E-3] Military Police U.S. Army Current Conflicts Waterloo
Bombach Otto F - Engineers Training U.S. Army Korean War Blairstown
Bonner John - - Optical Unit U.S. Army Peacetime Cedar Falls
Bouck Calvin - - Infantry, Communication U.S. Marine Corps Korean War Waterloo