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Last Name First Name Middle Rank Specialty/Rate Service Branch Conflict City Video
Spencer Earl S. - - U.S. Army Korean War -
Spoon Manuel J Sergeant First Class [E-7] Specialty Supply Nco Rank Sergeant First Class U.S. Army Korean War Lucas
Spratt James W Second Class Petty Officer [E-5] Telephoneman U.S. Navy Korean War Greene
Staddon Richard J Sergeant First Class [E-7] Career Counselor U.S. Army - Bellevue
Staker Marvin L - Combat Engineer U.S. Army Korean War Traer
Stammer Bruce W - Infantry, Cook U.S. Army Peacetime Traer
Stark Duane V Corporal - U.S. Army Korean War Waterloo
Staton Marvin Lieon Corporal Truck Driver U.S. Army Korean War Oelwein
Steffen Wayne F [E-4] 1641 U.S. Army Korean War Greenfield
Steig Carl Fredrick Third Class Petty Officer [E-4] Fire Control Radar U.S. Navy Korean War Fort Dodge
Steils Charles M Corporal 81 Motars U.S. Army - Gilbertville
Steinbronn George T Sergeant [E-5] - U.S. Army Korean War Maynard
Steinman Ernest L - - National Guard - Oelwein
Strovers Clifford L Corporal Construction Surveyor U.S. Army Korean War Grinnell
Strupp Floyd H Sergeant Mess Sargeant U.S. Army Korean War Sigourney
Temeyer John L Sergeant First Class [E-7] Pioneer And Ammo U.S. Army - Independence
Terlouw Vernon B Corporal Heavy Weapon / Personnel Managment U.S. Army Korean War Sully
Thomas Dearl W. Private First Class (PFC) [E-3] 3333 Medical Tech U.S. Army Korean War Waterloo
Thompson Stanley L Specialist 5 [E-5] Communications Specialist U.S. Army Vietnam War Evansdale
Tippett James L Sergeant Mechanic U.S. Army Korean War La Porte City